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Production plants require huge energy inputs and related costs. By analysing energy consumption patterns of the equipment at your factory, Metron unlocks energy-saving opportunities that were unknown to you before. In typical implementations, Metron can save up to 15 % energy costs.

How does it work?

Metron obtains data from both your factory’s internal operations and the external environment such as programming logic control and enterprise resource planning systems. Then it integrates them on a secured cloud-based platform. While data is transmitted on a real-time basis, Metron creates a digital twin of your factory, performs energy diagnostics of your factory, identifies energy-saving opportunities, and gives recommendations to optimise energy consumption.


Proven Optimisation Success Rate

Among all factories that deploy the Metron platform, 99% have yielded energy savings through optimised factory operations. The solution has been deployed at over 200 energy-intensive industrial sites across the globe. Examples include:

Food and beverage: Optimised compressor sequencing and steam boiler load along the production line;
Glass manufacturing: Recommended optimal electricity and gas input to minimise energy used for heat generation at the manufacturing process;
Pulp and paper mill: Recommended optimal chemical retention dosage to cut down on steam consumption in the drying process;
Steel manufacturing: Optimised arc time of electric arc furnaces and dampers opening of fumes extraction system.

Industry 4.0 Modules for All Industrial Asset Types

Metron equips with over 20 modules, each of which is designed to manage the energy consumption of an individual industrial asset type. Whether your industrial operation involves chillers, compressors, steam turbines, cooling tunnels, boilers, or furnaces, Metron is able to dig into your industrial processes and help reduce energy consumption along the production line.

Energy Cost Savings

Through collecting data and digitalising factory assets, Metron detects abnormal energy behaviours, identifies factors affecting consumption and recommends energy efficiency enhancement suggestions that can help you save up to 15 % of energy costs. Metron’s AI algorithms run energy optimisation continuously, allowing factory owners to achieve return on investment in a short span of time.

Improved Visibility on Energy Consumption

While huge amounts of energy are being consumed at your factory every day, you may not know which process along the production line costs you the most. Based on historical and real-time energy data, Metron visualises the energy consumption pattern of your factory. With higher data visibility, you can control your energy flow easily, make informed decisions to improve processes and utilities and implement energy-saving strategy.

Leverages Human and Artificial Intelligence

Manual control of your industrial operation is complex and time-consuming. Metron, a data-driven virtual assistant that works with your on-site experts, brings artificial intelligence and human expertise together to optimise decision-making and operation processes. Metron performs real-time analysis of your industrial operations and suggests optimisation opportunities for energy managers to validate and execute energy efficiency projects, moving your energy intelligence strategy forward.

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