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Waste management is an expensive and time-consuming process. SEC-ASPIRE connects your company with other businesses to exchange waste as a resource. Using circular economy principles and intelligent technology, SEC-ASPIRE helps reduce waste output and measure the embodied carbon savings gained from re-using resources. Verified by SGS, an international testing, inspection, verification and certification company, SEC-ASPIRE provides a transparent solution for making your business more sustainable.

How does it work?

Operating as a marketplace, SEC-ASPIRE allows businesses to upload “waste” or resources and exchange them. In addition to being available on desktop, mobile applications, and support multi-languages, the platform supports close to 200 different commodities and can intelligently match businesses to offload and repurpose resources, reducing landfills and carbon emissions. Simply take a picture of the resource, upload it on the platform, and communicate with other users to exchange resources, and be rewarded with valuable environmental impact data measured, including:

  • Tonnes of waste diverted
  • CO2 emissions saved (Scope 2 and 3)
  • Number of resources exchanged
  • Cost savings / revenue generated


Environmental impact measurement

The platform measures critical data for sustainability or ESG reporting as you exchange or sell resources. This includes tonnes of waste diverted, CO2 emissions saved, number of resources exchanged, cost savings or revenue generated.

Measure embodied carbon savings
As part of your business’ Scope 3 emissions, embodied carbon represents the emissions saved by re-using resources from the platform instead of purchasing brand new resources.

SGS Verification

SEC-ASPIRE partners with SGS to provide basic monthly transaction verification. Users can purchase other SGS service packages via the SEC-ASPIRE platform for additional verification features such as live-tracking routes, digital receipts, and on-site inspections.


Get in touch with other users directly, exchange information, and request photos or further documentation.

Marketplace and matching

Join the SEC-ASPIRE community and view close to 200 types of resources on the marketplace, and connect with other businesses interested in reducing waste and repurposing it.

Supply chain and closed marketplaces

With SEC-ASPIRE, you can motivate your vendors and contractors to be more sustainable. Measure, save and trade within your supply chain with closed ecosystems to see how well your network is performing.


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