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Building Portfolio
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Building Portfolio

About Building Portfolio

Building Portfolio is an effective solution for you to monitor energy consumption of properties, using metrics such as Energy Utilisation Index (EUI) to analyse performance of multiple buildings over time. Under the Smart Energy Connect platform, executives, area managers, and individual building managers will have the same data to work with. Designed to assess energy usage trends for multiple types of buildings, Building Portfolio generates detailed views, forecasts on energy and associated carbon footprint.

How does it work?

Either using existing meters that you have access to, or by installing additional energy sensors, relevant data can be integrated to Building Portfolio to get a consolidated view on your energy demands across all your buildings. With additional energy sensors on your lifts, escalators, HVAC equipment and other assets, Building Portfolio enables you to compare performance in a normalised view to give you further insights. Coupled with your building level energy forecasts, an all-round visibility helps you to make decisions on areas to focus.


Consolidated Insights

Summarises current and historical energy consumption and carbon emissions of portfolio buildings.

Comprehensive Comparison and Forecast

Historical, current and forecast energy consumption trends will be displayed and compared. Performance rankings can be compiled for different building types.

Search Filters

Views can be specifically configured using filters including building type, location and age of asset to have more focused comparisons.

Different Roles, Different Views

Dashboards can be tailored for different users depending on role and information requirements. For example, executives can see all building information in consolidated views while a building manager will just see their building granular details.

Professional Reports

Extensive visualizations can be generated instantly in various formats including PDF, Word and Excel.

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