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Building Scope
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Building Scope

About Building Scope

An AI-based solution that acts as an extra set of hands to enable your facility management team to proactively manage the health of your building.

How does it work?

Through a one-way and read-only integration with your existing Building Management System (BMS), Building Scope automatically understands data formats and analyses the existing sensor data information to generate insights within days of installation. The powerful AI engine has evolved through both domain expertise and big data analysis of 100s of millions data records in buildings across Hong Kong, China, and Australia.

The platform will proactively identify faulty equipment, predict failures, energy saving opportunities, chiller performance, fault reports, identify root causes of failures and many other services 24/7.


  • Track and Compare Historical and Real-time Data

  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics Analysis of Malfunctioning Equipment

  • Asset Management (Maintenance, Equipment Use and Live Diagnostic)

  • Automated Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Customised KPI Management

  • Customisable Reports for Management and Users

  • Energy Audit, Benchmark, Diagnostics, Measurement, Verification

  • Workflow and Work Order Management

  • Interoperable with Various Protocols (BACnet, Mod Bus, OPC Server, Lon Talk, Cloud-to-cloud data Communications)

  • Online Access from Mobile Device


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Building Scope
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Building Scope

Building Scope
Smart Energy Connect

Building Scope