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Element IAQ Monitor
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Element IAQ Monitor

About Element IAQ Monitor

On average, we spend more than 70% of time indoor. Quality of indoor air can significantly affect our health and wellbeing. Poor air condition can lead to discomfort and ill-health. Occupants might suffer from headaches, respiratory difficulties, skin irritation and other allergies etc.

Nowadays, people are increasingly health-conscious, it is especially pivotal to upkeep high air quality and transparency over air quality parameters at schools, where our future generations spend most of their times. As an example, a study conducted by the University of Tulsa in 2019 revealed that students studying in poorly ventilated environments received test scores that are on average 3% lower than their counterparts who stay in spaces with cleaner air.

Element IAQ Monitor is the indoor air quality monitoring solution specially designed for schools. By monitoring air quality in classrooms and other indoor spaces on a real-time basis, Element IAQ Monitor alerts you when indoor air quality becomes unsafe for school activities, and prompts you to take timely actions. Having Element IAQ Monitor on campus does not only help improve comfort and productivity of your students and staff, it also reassures parents that their children’s health and safety are being taken care of.

How does it work?

Element IAQ Monitor is equipped with sensors that keep an eye on five air quality parameters in your classrooms and other indoor spaces. They are:

• Temperature;
• Humidity;
• CO2;
• Chemicals (volatile organic compounds); and
• Particulate matter (PM2.5) levels.

By calculating a score for each of these categories as well as an overall indoor air quality score, Element IAQ Monitor alerts you when any of these scores falls below a satisfactory level and prompts you to troubleshoot indoor air pollution at its source.


Indoor Air Quality Score

Apart from the raw data such as temperature, humidity level and CO2 concentration levels, Element IAQ Monitor also provides you with a score for each category and an overall score, giving your students, teachers and staff a sense of how good or bad the indoor air quality is, using an easy-to-understand 100-point scale. The score is instantly displayed on Element IAQ Monitor’s LED screen to provide users with a peace of mind regarding the quality of air that they are breathing in.

Real-time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Element IAQ Monitor keeps an eye on your indoor air quality on a real-time basis. You can always check, on mobile app or computer, the indoor air quality score and receive notifications whenever your classroom’s air quality becomes unsatisfactory. This enables you to take prompt actions, such as turning on the ventilation to reduce indoor CO2 concentration, hence improving air quality in your campus.

Easy Integration into SEC Smart Sensor Automation & Practical STEM Tool

Element IAQ Monitor can also be installed as a part of SEC Smart Sensor Automation, an all-in-one software designed to help you build the ideal smart school. Whilst SEC Smart Sensor Automation monitors energy consumption at school and keeps track of each class’s energy conservation, Element IAQ Monitor adds to it a powerful function of indoor air quality tracking so that you do not need to manage multiple systems. All reporting can be done on a TV screen or desktop computer, making it easy to share the information and data with students and teachers at school, serving as a STEM educational tool.

Easy Installation

Element IAQ Monitor can be installed anywhere in your classrooms without drilling or complex installation work so you can see results faster.

Light and Compact Device

Element IAQ Monitor is a lightweight, compact device equipped with the essential sensors and recommendations that will give a boost to indoor air quality on your campus. More importantly, you can communicate your school’s indoor air quality indices with your students and parents, showing your care for students’ health as well as warding off parents’ concerns about campus environment.

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Element IAQ Monitor

Element IAQ Monitor

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Element IAQ Monitor

Element IAQ Monitor