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About FibreSensor

Optical fibre sensor solution that predicts, prevents and detects potential malfunctions of infrastructure assets, all to enhance service reliability and increase operational efficiency.

How does it work?

If you manage infrastructure assets such as power transmission lines, chillers, bus ducts or data centres, it is critical to be aware of any faults or threats within. However, deploying individual sensors across the whole infrastructure is too expensive. FibreSensor uses fibre optic cables to help detect these faults in real-time and send alerts to remind you to address abnormalities.

The solution consists of fibre optic cables, a main control unit, network connectivity, and finally, in-depth data analytics to monitor and analyse your infrastructure. We will assist in the design, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of the system.


Visibility Across all of your Infrastructure

You can deploy FiberSensor cables across all of your infrastructure without individual sensors installation and maintenance.

Various Monitoring

Monitor temperatures, faults, movements, and other anomalies throughout the FiberSensor system.

Preventive Maintenance and Fault Detection

Get warnings of potential faults in your infrastructure assets such as power systems, building management systems and fire systems, which enables preventive measures to maintain your assets.

Central Monitoring

Monitor your infrastructure assets placed throughout the premises from one single location.

Alarm Notifications

Get real-time alarm notifications for identified faults in the infrastructure.

Long Service Life

The fibre optic sensors provided will last for over 20 years. Comparing to other smart sensors in the market, you will not need to worry about sensors replacement every 2-3 years.

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