Flexible Energy Resource Management
Flexible Energy Resource Management
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Flexible Energy Resource Management

About Flexible Energy Resource Management

Whether you want to manage a storage asset or your building energy load, an end-to-end approach is critical for a successful, speedy roll-out. Flexible Energy Resource Management has a proven track record of implementing a wide variety of flexibility management solutions for energy providers, addressing your complete requirements, from programme design, customer acquisition to ongoing operations.

How does it work?

There are many equipment that can consume large amounts of energy or could even generate energy (e.g. solar systems). The solution is able to integrate to these different kinds of equipment to have a secure two-way communication to ensure there is sufficient visibility to predict behaviour of the equipment and also to send out instructions to manage the equipment. This real-time management through predictive controls technology helps to optimise the energy efficiency.


Best-in-class Software, Hardware and Services

A unified but modular flexibility management suite that lets you rapidly implement one project now, and then easily extend for tomorrow’s needs.

Distribution Flexibility

A powerful solution for enhancing flexibility on the distribution grid by integrating and utilising end-customer installations of batteries, microgrids, and other distributed energy resources (DERs). It aggregates, forecasts and optimises flexible capacity from DERs at the substation, feeder, and transformer levels, reacting to distribution management needs in real-time and also providing capacity to avoid capital investments in system upgrades. It connects to and manages all DERs, including third-party solar and storage aggregates, from one vendor-neutral platform.

Smart Inverter Management

A comprehensive solution for managing distributed generation and storage resources. Improves power quality including both active and reactive power by surgically managing smart inverter profiles at the sub-station, feeder and transformer levels. It also provides localised real-time control and visibility for distributed generation and other DERs.

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Flexible Energy Resource ManagementFlexible Energy Resource ManagementFlexible Energy Resource Management

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