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About LiveCensus

LiveCensus helps you with optimising your valuable space by understanding people flow. With LiveCensus, you can count crowds and monitor pedestrian traffic to detect congestion points, optimise for visitor access, measure footfall traffic in your offices, buildings, retail shops, event venues and even shopping malls. This can help you better manage your space based on real insights and improve the experience and safety of your employees and patrons at your premises.

How does it work?

LiveCensus uses radar technology to sense and measure the number of people in real- time. It allows you to study pedestrian activity, movement, and behaviour. You can install the sensors within existing downlights across your premises, which helps count and measure the people coming in and out of your premises.

Traditional infrastructure relies on only the human eye or video technology in understanding pedestrian flows and density, giving rise to poor space management and creating many privacy concerns. LiveCensus gives your business intelligence and insights without the costs and concerns of other alternatives.


A Non-Threatening Appearance

Sensors can be embedded in downlights to provide a non-enticing appearance but also provide lower installation costs.

Real-Time People Counting

Individual people can be counted in real-time with 90% accuracy (depending on the room environment).

Occupancy Detection

With LiveCensus, you can check the occupancy of the premises to detect abnormalities and raise alerts of unexpected activities.

Privacy Protected

The sensors equipped in the downlights are hidden and respond only to human movement. LiveCensus does not compromise privacy since no personally identifiable data is collected about the individual, only that a human is present.

Easy and Cost-Effective Installation

Installation does not require any cable wiring or renovation work. Sensors can be retrofitted to existing downlights easily which saves a lot of cost and time.

Self-Powered and Easy to Maintain

There is no need for an additional power sources for LiveCensus-equipped downlights.

Wide Coverage Area

With sensors of two scan ranges (2X5m and 5X10m), the downlights equipped with them will ensure full coverage of your premise.

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