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About LiveCensus

LiveCensus helps you with optimising your valuable space by understanding people flow. With LiveCensus, you can count crowds and monitor pedestrian traffic to detect congestion points, optimise for visitor access, measure footfall traffic in your offices, buildings, retail shops, event venues and even shopping malls. This can help you better manage your space based on real insights and improve the experience and safety of your employees and patrons at your premises.

Traditional infrastructure relies on only the human eyes or video technology in understanding pedestrian flows and density, giving rise to poor space management and raises considerable privacy concerns. LiveCensus gives your business intelligence and insights without the costs and concerns of other alternatives.

How does it work?

LiveCensus consists of two types of sensors: one for occupancy detection and the other for people counting. The underlying technology is radar-based which senses and measures the number of people in real-time. It allows you to study pedestrian activity, movement, and behaviour. The LiveCensus sensors can be used stand-alone and hidden in the ceilings or can be integrated to your downlights, depending on your needs.


A. Common Features

Privacy Protected

Since the LiveCensus sensors rely on human presence detection, the solution does not compromise privacy as no personally identifiable data is collected about the individual. If required, the sensors can be hidden in your downlights.


Leveraging the radar sensing technology, LiveCensus can achieve up to 90% accuracy for both people counting and occupancy detection applications.

Integration with Smart Building Devices

By integrating the people counting and occupancy data collected by LiveCensus with your smart building devices, you can manage your space such as office, shopping malls in a more energy efficient and cost effective manner.

B. People Counting Sensor by LiveCensus

A Non-Threatening Appearance

Sensors can be embedded in downlights or hid on the ceiling to provide a non-threatening appearance.

Real-Time People Counting

The sensor defines your area for real-time data collection on people flow. Application areas include retail shops, shopping malls, office facilities such as lobbies, meeting rooms etc.

C.Occupancy Detection Sensor by LiveCensus

Occupancy Detection

The LiveCensus sensor can detect human presence to track the occupancy of the target space. Radar technology enables sensor to detect "Still motion" (e.g. finger movement) with high accuracy.

Smart Facility Management

Accurate human occupancy detection enables you to run the maintenance of your facilities such as office spaces, meeting rooms, toilets, etc in an efficient manner.

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