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Industrial factories require huge energy inputs and related costs. By analysing energy consumption patterns of the equipment at your factory, METRON unlocks energy-saving opportunities that were unknown to you before. In typical implementations, METRON can save up to 15 % energy costs, on existing assets.

Already recognised as a major game-changer, METRON has been selected to enter the 2020 Global CleanTech 100, the respected annual guide of leading companies in sustainable innovation.

How does it work?

Metron provides an artificial intelligence-based platform, which helps industrial factories save huge sums on their energy. Its platform uses machine learning and real-time data to analyse factories’ energy consumption patterns and optimise their usage, saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint.

METRON-EVA® Factory, your Energy Virtual Assistant collects data, models your factory, visualises all your energy flows and optimizes your energy consumptions.

METRON obtains data from both your factory’s internal operations (energy meters, sensors, IoT, PLCs, OPC servers, ERP, MES) and the external environment (weather data, energy market). Then it integrates them on a secured cloud-based platform.

While data is transmitted on a real-time basis, METRON creates a digital twin of your factory. You obtain an energy management platform visualising the entire factory with real-time alarms, and engaging the whole team: the right dashboard in front of the right operator. METRON artificial intelligence can then perform energy diagnostics of specified perimeters (assets or utilities), identifies energy-saving opportunities, and gives recommendations to the operators to optimize energy consumption.


  • 99% of the 100 energy-intensive industrial groups have yielded energy savings

  • artificial intelligence processes real-time data of energy consumption

  • reduce energy consumption along the production line

  • detects abnormal energy behaviours

  • recommends energy efficiency enhancement suggestions

  • visualises the energy consumption pattern of your factory

  • optimise decision-making and operation processes

  • real-time analysis of your operations

  • offers optimisation recommendations


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