Building Sustainability: Assets & Smart City Energy Management

Building Sustainability: Assets & Smart City Energy Management

Building Sustainability Solutions

Whether your business is helping develop new buildings or already owns one or more, having efficient asset management is vital when it comes to maximising profits and minimising environmental impacts.

Technological advances are bringing in a new era of energy usage in metropolises like Hong Kong. The way we interact and use buildings is completely different thanks to more interactive and intelligent solutions that make buildings more sustainable and efficient.

It comes as no surprise that sustainable building design has been a positive trend in recent years. More and more architects and building managers are integrating sustainability solutions, be it more efficient lightbulbs, smart sensors, or anything else that can reduce energy wastage.

But what about the colossal number of buildings in cities like Hong Kong that were built before many of these energy management systems were a reality?

At present, a typical building’s energy is primarily consumed by HVAC systems, followed by lighting and office equipment. Much of this usage has significant room to be optimised and reduced without hampering the day-to-day operation of the building.

Solutions offered by CLP SEC

There is a wide range of services available that can help transform the energy usage and efficiency of old buildings in Hong Kong. Building sustainability solutions like Building Scope and Building Portfolio allow you to monitor the health and track the carbon footprint of your building respectively. There are also more tangible solutions that contribute to making smart buildings like Smart Charge, which helps reduce your carbon footprint through making electric vehicles more convenient by installing more charging points.

All of these solutions can work in tandem with your existing building management system. After integrating a series of IoT sensors, you will be able to see in detail exactly where energy is being used. With intelligent analytical models and forecasting, it becomes evident where the opportunities for energy optimisation reside. A building energy management system like this will be able to control temperature, lighting, air quality and more, adjusting it to your needs at a level of efficiency that humans cannot match.

Furthermore, monitoring solutions like these can spot areas where preventative maintenance is needed and also help detect faults. This can prevent building equipment downtime, reduce costs and improve safety.

Smart buildings make a smart city

While there are many aspects to a successful building energy management solution, there is no one system that fits every scenario. Work with us to find out which solution will best help your building to reduce its carbon footprint.

One of the wider goals here at CLP SEC is to promote Hong Kong as a smart city. Each smart building contributes to this overarching goal and works towards reducing the carbon footprint of our entire society. Together, we can put an end to energy waste in Hong Kong.

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