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About Oriient

Oriient is an indoor Global Positioning System (GPS) which makes use of the Earth’s magnetic field instead of the infrastructure-heavy installations, such as WiFi connection or beacons. It is a highly accurate (precision up to 1 metre), cost-effective SaaS solution that focuses on the core verticals of retail and smart buildings.

How does it work?

Every part of a building’s structure affects the Earth’s magnetic field in a unique way, creating the building’s magnetic fingerprint. To use Oriient, users simply download Oriient’s mobile application, which leverages data from their smartphones’ built-in magnetic sensors to construct building maps and help them navigate inside buildings.


Optimal Indoor Route Planning

Oriient’s mobile application helps visitors and employees find specific stores and rooms in your building. With Oriient, you will not have to worry about how your visitors find their way and navigate within your premises.

Drive Proximity Marketing

Got a huge in-store promotion? Whenever visitors are in proximity to your retail store, Oriient’s mobile application sends alerts to inform them of your in-store promotions. Leveraging proximity marketing means your promotions will not go unnoticed, and will give a boost to your foot traffic.

Real-time Traffic Monitoring

Visitor routes and dwell time are important for analysing the layout performance of your store or building. Oriient’s mobile application tracks visitors’ real-time position in your retail store or building, giving you the critical data and analysis required to improve space utilisation.

Optimise Staff Assignments and Daily Operations

Position your staff to enhance service to your customers and increase daily operational efficiency on your premises.

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