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About OviDrive

OviDrive is a highly automated vehicle SaaS system that manages global on-demand fleets. Its automation supports new mobility products and a driverless future. It integrates live vehicle and driver data, maintenance control and fleet operations into a single, easy system.

How does it work?

While enterprises are deploying fully autonomous cars and trucks, it calls for the need for automation and immediate response. Therefore, Ovidrive takes as many decisions as possible out of the hands of human operators. It solves industry issues caused by human errors, such as idle time and error margins.

With Ovidrive, you can equip your vehicle fleet with a tiny and inexpensive Bluetooth device that stays hidden and gathers real-time data on your vehicles. It easily connects to the OviDrive Mobile App and helps track all of your vehicle fleet data such as service and maintenance, insurance, fuel, finance, breakdowns, etc.


Connected Fleet

The fleet is always connected live to OviDrive, from car to driver, from fleet administrator to client, from service request to service shop, this helps you streamline operations by allowing you to control and operate your fleet.

Automated & Smart

OviDrive makes fleet management simple by learning every decision you have made in the past. You can arrange a maintenance schedule based on the vehicle condition so that when you conduct the same action in the future, the system will create the related work order for you.

Be Proactive with Data

OviDrive is equipped with predictive capabilities which ensures that you have good visibility over your fleet. You will know how your vehicle fleet is performing and when it would need maintenance before it breaks down.

Digital Operating System for Good Customer Experience

Your vehicle fleet is connected by a strong digital operating system, which thinks and acts rather than being just a record keeping tool. The OviDrive Mobile App makes all your fleet information available at your fingertips, ensuring you have a satisfying customer experience.

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