Peak Time Energy Rewards
Peak Time Energy Rewards
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Peak Time Energy Rewards

About Peak Time Energy Rewards

As a utility, engaging customers to adjust their energy consumption during the times of network stress can be extremely complex. There are many competing priorities- technological challenges, complex real-time data insights and orchestration that are required.

Hence, an end-to-end approach is critical for a successful and timely roll-out. Peak Time Energy Rewards has a proven track record of implementing a wide variety of flexibility management solutions for energy providers, addressing your complete requirements, from programme design, customer acquisition, to ongoing operations.

How does it work?

Using a combination of historical energy usage, automated forecasting capabilities, and integrations to key systems (energy profiles, customer engagement, energy assets), different targeted energy saving programs can be run with customer segments to maximise energy demand reductions. Automated per-customer forecasting helps to identify customers that are likely going to be using energy in advance to help increase energy savings.


Proven System

Best-in-class software, hardware and services with proven expertise in all aspects of programme management including programme design, customer acquisition, asset optimisation, measurement and analytics, and customer support.

Residential Behavioural and Pricing Programmes

A simple, easy-to-deploy residential customer programme that supports one or more types of behavioural and dynamic pricing capabilities, including time of use, critical peak pricing and peak time rebates, using a single platform. Ongoing engagement with customers is ensured throughout the peak energy seasons to maximise enrolment and yield.

Customer Engagement Portal

A full-featured, rich, and personalised customer portal, designed to boost enrolment, participation, and engagement with a utilities enterprise and residential customers across a wide variety of programmes, and with the ability to offer complementary energy services. Using advanced analytical capabilities, customers can be engaged with the right offers and presented with personalised, real-time programme updates.

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Peak Time Energy Rewards
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Peak Time Energy Rewards