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About PITC

Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification (PITC) is important for electrical installations with an approved loading exceeding 100 amperes (single/three phase). Performing an electricity safety check at least once every five years will ensure your buildings comply with the EMSD Electricity (Wiring) Regulations requirements and help prevent potential hazards that may result in unnecessary power supply disruption.

CLPe Solutions provides end-to-end consulting and engineering services for your power needs. Our team has certified expertise in the electrical discipline and rich experience in PITC works. We conduct regular testing for our clients and are familiar with the inspection services as required in the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations. We are listed as a Registered Electrical Contractor and provide periodic checking and defect rectification services for fixed electrical installations.

How does it work?
  1. CLP will co-ordinate with the client and utility company to arrange a time for electricity shutdown to complete WR2 work. During this time, CLP will complete WR2 Site Testing, measurement and document preparation.
  2. After the inspection, testing and repair, CLP will issue a Periodic Test Certificate to confirm that the electrical installation complies with relevant statutory safety requirements.
  3. CLP will send the completed certificate to EMSD and the client for endorsement and record, respectively.
  • High-quality PITC works to fulfil relevant Electricity (Wiring) Regulations
  • Identification of potential defects and improvement areas, resulting in a healthier electrical network
  • Recommendations to prevent electrical incidents and damage to your properties
  • Prevention of unnecessary power supply disruption
  • Increased reliability in your power supply

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