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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) is the most energy-consuming system accounting for nearly 50% of total energy consumption in buildings, of which 65% of energy is consumed in the plant room alone. As such, any efficiency enhancement project targeted at the plant room can be an opportunity for significant energy usage reduction in a building. The manual control of chillers or fixed chiller sequencing systems often results in energy wastage. Furthermore, unexpected breakdowns of chiller units can lead to costly and ad-hoc repair. To tackle all these problems, PlantPRO is designed to optimise the operation and maintenance of your chiller plant to capture a significant potential of 40% energy reduction.

How does it work?

PlantPRO is a complete software and hardware solution that enables optimisation and control of your chiller plant. After the installation of the PlantPRO hardware that connects to the equipment in your chiller plant, the software at the heart of PlantPRO runs a continuous performance feedback loop powered by sophisticated control algorithms. By collecting data from your chiller plant equipment and subsequently comparing actual efficiency of each chiller unit against the benchmark, PlantPRO is able to provide a complete, reliable and easy-to-access measurement of key components of the plant room. After running diagnostics of your chiller plant’s operational efficiency, PlantPRO can make real-time adjustments, which lead to immediate cost savings. This condition-based maintenance approach adopted by PlantPRO goes beyond the usual “fix-and-forget” maintenance approach.


Proven Success Rate

PlantPRO is an award-winning plant room optimisation and control software. It has been deployed across 50 cities, covering 2 million square metres of building space and improving 600 chillers worldwide.

High Compatibility and Configurability

Designed with a “design once, apply many” approach, PlantPRO is highly configurable to meet your needs, allowing parameter changes in your HVAC system. It is also compatible with both water-cooled or air-cooled chillers along with all generator types and distribution systems giving you maximum flexibility in your plant room operations.

Advanced Control of HVAC Equipment in the Chiller Plant

PlantPRO ensures that the plant room runs at the optimal energy consumption rate by promptly controlling the HVAC equipment set-points as well as water flows throughout the entire system. This leads to accurate control of the plant energy demand that allows PlantPRO to achieve significant savings in annual energy consumption.

Better Positioned than a Building Management System (BMS)

A BMS typically integrates and collates data from various sub-systems in the building and only controls specific areas or functions. In contrast, PlantPRO is designed to fully integrate with your existing BMS through a standard, interoperable interface and gives you a complete control of the plant room HVAC equipment from the BMS. If you don’t have a BMS, PlantPRO can operate as a standalone system by installing additional sensors in your plant room to collect required data for PlantPRO.

Intelligent Sequencing for Complex Chiller Setup in Plant Rooms

To meet the target cooling load in an energy-efficient manner, PlantPRO’s smart algorithms determine the optimal load of each chiller and combination of chillers with reference to the actual conditions in the plant room. Such an intelligent staging and sequencing strategy is relevant when different types of chillers and/or heat pumps are required to cooperate within a unique plant room system.

Real-Time Performance is Benchmarked Against System Design Efficiency

PlantPRO runs diagnostics and calculates the efficiency of your chiller operation on a real-time basis. Plant performance indices, such as cooling and heating capacity, energy efficiency ratio (EER) and coefficient of performance (COP), provide important insights into your system health. PlantPRO harmonises data and continuously compares the calculated efficiency of your chiller plant to the design data for optimal performance.

Early Fault Detection To Minimise Efficiency Losses

PlantPRO’s machine learning engine builds analytical models of chiller equipment operating profiles to allow optimisation of chiller plant performance. PlantPRO has a simple yet effective fault detection and warning system, enabling you to conduct predictive maintenance, hence reducing system downtime and efficiency losses that arise from chiller failures. Taking a condition-based maintenance approach, PlantPRO visualises the health conditions of key chiller components in intuitive traffic light colours: green (in good condition), yellow (deviation from design conditions) and red (in critical condition), enabling you to arrange rectifications.

Powerful Visualisation of Your Chiller Plant Data

PlantPRO’s report module has an intuitive, straightforward graphical user interface (GUI) which provides all the charts and graphs you will need to read and analyse chiller plant data. Alternatively, use the chart builder module to create charts from pre-configured templates or customise reports for your chiller plant. All reports can be sent to the selected users and can be downloaded for offline use.

Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

PlantPRO is a cloud-based platform, which you can access 24/7 from any location across the globe.

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