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About PointGrab

Space is an expensive and vital resource that you would want to make good use of. Every day, there are many people visiting and using your office space or shopping mall. Yet you may not be able to monitor people movement and occupancy trends on your premises. Using computer vision technology, PointGrab provides accurate real-time information about people movement, giving you actionable insights on how to better manage your space.

What is special about PointGrab?

Based on occupancy data on your premises, PointGrab unleashes the possibility of smart booking system for meeting rooms and venues. If you are looking to develop your premises

How does it work?

To use PointGrab, simply install PointGrab sensors onto the ceiling of the target area that you want to monitor. The motion and occupancy sensors will then detect movement of people on the premises. With PointGrab’s visualisation of movement and occupancy data, you will see real-time utilisation of your space and take corresponding actions to optimise space management.


Building Automation

Intelligent buildings are the next big trend in the IoT era. PointGrab’s sensors do not only serve to monitor people movement, energy savings and other space optimisation. In the long run, PointGrab paves the path to building automation, helping you make your buildings smarter.

Wide Coverage Area

If you would like to cover a large area, it’s easy with PointGrab, each PointGrab sensor can cover an area of up to 48 square metres. You can also define multiple areas of interest and analyse data for each area separately.

Non-intrusive and Secured Sensors

While many solutions use motion sensors to monitor people occupancy, PointGrab uses images that greatly enhances accuracy. Data collected by PointGrab’s sensors is securely transmitted to the cloud via WiFi or Power over Ethernet (PoE), and you can rest assured that PointGrab sensors do not store any images of your premises.

Building Occupancy Management

PointGrab provides real-time occupancy data of your space. Employees who need a place to work can book meeting rooms and hot desks based on availability of these facilities.

Smart Facility Management

Based on usage of facilities on your premises, you can optimise usage-based catering and cleaning services. In this way, caterers can provide their services at the right time, whilst preventing the awkward situation that cleaners intrude into business conferences.

Energy Management Control

PointGrab does more than occupancy management. Take a further step to integrate data collected by PointGrab sensors with your building management system, you can have the air conditioning and lighting turned off when your space is not occupied, saving both energy and money.

Building Security Enhancement

With 24/7 occupancy monitoring, you will know when after-hours security and patrolling are needed in your building.

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