Power Factor Check and Enhancement
Power Factor Check and Enhancement
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Power Factor Check and Enhancement

About Power Factor Check and Enhancement

The electricity tariff structure for large commercial and industrial customers consists of both electrical demand and energy charges. Having the right level of power factor ensures that a firm gets the most efficient use of electrical power. Therefore, the right power factor saves electricity cost and helps reduce demand charges.

CLPe Solutions provides end-to-end consulting & engineering services for your power needs. We are listed as a Registered Electrical Contractor, and through power factor correction, electrical demand charges on your electrical network and the average per unit electricity cost can be reduced.

How does it work?

Our specialist team first conducts an on-site power factor measurement, including analysis of voltage, current and power factor.

  1. The team will then propose improvement plans with various ROI and payback analysis, including electrical demand charge savings.
  2. We will devise the best solution to meet your business needs, including deploying capacitor banks and an active harmonic filter (if appropriate).
  3. The team will then commence the project, meanwhile overseeing and executing the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of power factor correction system.

The Power Factor Correction System automatically monitors and corrects real-time power factor to optimize efficiency of power usage. With our mobile application, you can view and download the power factor information anytime, anywhere.


  • Reduce power loss and electrical demand charges in electricity bill for large commercial & industrial enterprises
  • Enable most efficient use of existing electrical network
  • Ensure the power factor stays at 0.85 or above to comply with Electricity (Wiring) Regulations

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Power Factor Check and EnhancementPower Factor Check and EnhancementPower Factor Check and Enhancement

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