PowerTag Wireless Energy Sensor
PowerTag Wireless Energy Sensor
Developed by Schneider Electric

PowerTag Wireless Energy Sensor

About PowerTag Wireless Energy Sensor

PowerTag by Schneider Electric is an energy monitoring sensor that tracks your energy consumption in real-time by collecting energy data from your electrical switchboard. It helps you achieve energy efficiency targets, monitor final loads and improve electrical uptime by sending you alarms in real-time.

How does it work?

While building owners and facility managers are used to monitoring energy consumption at panel or group level, they do not have the critical data required to manage final loads at device level, making them unable to run their buildings at peak performance. PowerTag allows such customers to manage the critical loads, with key insights into current, voltage, power factor and energy use, and helps detect problems before they occur. With PowerTag, you can get as close as possible to the final loads.

PowerTag consists of a wireless communication sensor to accurately monitor energy consumption and wirelessly communicate this data to your mobile device in real-time via a gateway. We combine Schneider Electric’s expertise in product development and CLP’s expertise in service implementation to provide the complete PowerTag solution.


Accurate and Real-Time Energy Consumption Data at All Levels

Voltage and current are measured at the same point on the circuit, providing accurate measurement and relevant information such as voltage loss. Your energy consumption level can be tracked and seen at every level, not just at panel or group level.

Trend Comparison for Energy Consumption

Track historical energy consumption data and compare the trends daily.

Easy Installation and Commissioning

CLP’s service team will help you install and commission the compact PowerTag energy sensor, enabling a fast and easy installation.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts in case of voltage loss and overload, allowing you to take action and reduce downtime impact.

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PowerTag Wireless Energy SensorPowerTag Wireless Energy SensorPowerTag Wireless Energy Sensor

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