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Why would you need an electric vehicle?

In an effort to reduce carbon footprint for a greener planet, many countries have pledged to gradually phase out vehicles powered by fossil fuels in order to eliminate vehicular pollution and some leading car manufacturers also set targets to make a shift to the production of electric cars (EV) or plug-in hybrids. Increasingly more EVs are hitting the road with ever-extending driving ranges and enhanced features to popularise the zero-emission option. Not only does an EV emit significantly less air pollutants and greenhouse gases than a traditional vehicle, it is less expensive to run and maintain, too.

Why would you need Smart Charge?

To support the continued growth of EVs in Hong Kong as the city aspires to transform into a smart city, Smart Charge (HK) Limited was established in 2016 by HKT Limited (HKT) and CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) as a joint venture, aiming to provide a total EV- charging solution at car parks, housing estates and various institutions to meet the rising demand from end users and businesses in Hong Kong via monthly subscription plans and tailor-made solutions.

As an owner of an EV, you recognise the importance of having convenient EV charging infrastructure. Smart Charge aims to provide you with an all-in-one solution for EV charging including on-site layout, equipment and installation recommendations, as well as after-sales service to save you the time and hassle.

How does it work?

Smart Charge’s one-stop service aims to address the entire process of EV charging, from engaging with property owners, building management offices, advising on site layout plus equipment and installation recommendations, to charger installation, insurance, maintenance and after-sales service – all to save customers’ time and hassle. You can choose your service plan according to your vehicle use pattern. Upon signing up of a monthly plan, an EV charger will be installed at your own parking space.

Instead of installing EV charger separately for individual customer upon request, Smart Charge focuses on pre-installing electrical infrastructure at residential and office car parks on a whole property level that could cater for the greatest number of EV owners, and makes use of intelligent network management technologies such as load management to achieve charging efficiency and safety. The infrastructure comes with advanced supervisory, control and automation technologies and an intelligent network management solution to achieve safe and reliable operation.


  • Designed primarily for residents of multi-storey buildings

  • Lite subscription plan (30 charging hours /month)

  • Standard subscription plan (no limit subject to Fair Usage Policy)

  • Tailor-made solution

  • Your own personal charging facility

  • Expanding network in public areas to offer convenient EV charging service, including Quarry Bay, Tsim Sa Tsui, Sai Kung


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Smart Charge
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Smart Charge

Smart Charge
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