Smart Sensor Automation
Smart Sensor Automation
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Smart Sensor Automation

About Smart Sensor Automation

Maintaining a comfortable environment at school or office is important not only for your students, teachers and employees’ well-being, but also a critical factor in boosting academic performance and work productivity. As manual control of electrical equipment from air-conditioners to lights can be troublesome, Smart Sensor Automation automates control of all these to shape the ideal smart school or office for you. With Smart Sensor Automation, you can sit back and relax while reducing energy consumption and electricity bills.

How does it work?

Smart Sensor Automation is equipped with various sensors, namely door and motion sensors which monitor the open/close status of doors, as well as occupancy in your classroom or office. By integrating data of occupants’ motion and the external environment, Smart Sensor Automation adjusts lighting and air-conditioning to optimal levels, optimising energy usage whilst creating a comfortable learning and working environment for your students, teachers and employees.


Lighting Control

There must be times when no one is in the room but the lights remain turned on, or the natural sunlight eliminates the need for indoor lighting. As you may already know, a lot of energy goes to waste in these situations. By detecting indoor luminance levels and motion sensor readings, Smart Sensor Automation helps you adjust indoor lighting to optimise energy usage.

Air-Conditioning Control

Save the hassle of manually tuning the air-conditioner’s temperature up and down as Smart Sensor Automation does it for you. Based on indoor air temperature, Smart Sensor Automation controls air-conditioners and adjusts room temperature to your maximum comfort.

Scenario Control

Define different scenarios in advance and select one of them as you need. To illustrate this, you can define ‘Presentation Scenario’ as having lights off, projector on and curtains on. The next time you wish to hold a presentation in the room, simply select this scenario and the room is ready for presentation at the touch of a button.

Energy Consumption Management

Keep track of energy consumption data over time and have your records visualised on an easy-to-understand dashboard. Improved visibility on energy data enables you to measure energy-saving performance, quantify cost savings and improve energy management strategies.

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