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Solar Digest
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Solar Digest

About Solar Digest

Solar Digest enables you to keep track of your solar system performance, carbon reductions and payments earned from the Hong Kong Feed-in Tariff schemes. The mobile application demonstrates your clean energy income and sustainability impact through simple language, visualisation and key metrics.

How does it work?

Solar Digest uses the data from your solar system, forecasting prediction models, and your investments to provide you with estimates of your earnings. It’s a great way to have your stakeholders have visibility of your solar generation at their finger tips.


Clean Energy Income Monitors your clean energy and Feed-in Tariff earnings on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Keeps track of the payback period of your solar investment.

Clean Energy Production Analyse real-time clean energy production from your solar system.

Clean Energy Savings Track your savings from clean energy production and monitor the carbon dioxide emissions reductions. Compare your clean energy production to tangible metrics such as number of flights flown, for example.

Clean Energy Forecast Gain insights from estimates of future performance of your solar system. Get 5-day forecasts of clean energy production and rewards.

Weather Information Get updated weather information on a real-time basis and get an early view of impacts to your earnings.

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