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Tenant Experience

About Tenant Experience

Tenant Experience helps you personalise and control the temperature and lighting at your workplace through your desktop or mobile phone, without requiring any disruption to your current office set up. Optimise energy use at your office by turning on the lighting and air conditioner only when it is required.

How does it work?

Approximately 50% of lighting energy is wasted in unoccupied areas, while cooling can be as high as 60%. When office lighting and air conditioning are often controlled in large zones, the whole office is lit and cooled to accommodate only a handful of staff, thus wasting energy unnecessarily. Tenant Experience is a simple and efficient solution to optimise energy usage from lighting and air conditioning to provide comfort and lighting to specific areas that need lighting or air conditioning.

Simply connect Tenant Experience’s controller to any type of light fixture and air conditioning you wish to control. You can adjust and schedule the temperature and lighting according to your working hours. There is no need to replace your existing lighting, which is perfect for both retrofits and new projects. This helps to improve your employees’ wellness and productivity.


Quick and Intuitive Temperature Control Apply the most energy-efficient settings for your air conditioning and prevent over-cooling in your building premises. You can even allow individual employees to set the temperature in their space.

Energy and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Reports Get energy and indoor air quality reports which help you improve your office's environment.

Smart and Simple Scheduling With Tenant Experience, you can use the flexible scheduling tool to handle public holidays, alternating weeks, and other challenges which conventional zone timers cannot achieve, giving you unprecedented control over your lighting.

Re-zoning with a Click You don't need to worry about configuring your lighting if you decide to change your office layout. Tenant Experience allows you to alter your lighting configurations with a few simple clicks, regardless of the existing wiring layout.

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