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About vGIS

vGIS is an augmented reality (AR) platform that transforms your underground asset information from traditional Geographic Information System (GIS) format into holograms. With vGIS, you will be able to see underground infrastructure as natural extensions of the surface environment.

How does it work?

vGIS makes use of AR technology to generate real-time, in-field holographic projections of underground utilities including water pipes, valves, cables, etc. By combining GIS data collected on the field with third-party information from multiple sources, these AR projections are highly accurate and stable.


Easily Accessible from Multiple Devices

It’s not a problem if you don’t have a headset specifically designed for viewing holographic projections. vGIS’s holographic projections of underground infrastructure are accessible not only from a holographic headset, but from your smartphone and tablet as well. You can then remotely monitor and take virtual tours of the real-time underground environment.

Real-time Holographic Projections

Excavation-related accidents often occur as your field personnel may not be able to assess safety level of the surrounding environment accurately. vGIS converts field data from 2D GIS to 3D visuals on a real-time basis, helping your field personnel improve accuracy of their situational awareness and keep them safe.

Augmented Reality Tagging Capabilities

Seeing through the ground alone is not helpful if you cannot take notes to mark the location of underground assets. Thus, vGIS is designed for you to take notes and record audio messages to note any part of the underground infrastructure that requires repair.

Time and Cost-saving

If there are missing items such as paved-over valves and manholes, vGIS comes in handy. vGIS has a reporting functionality which identifies these missing items, saving time and cost of manpower spent on locating underground infrastructure.

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