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If you run a business in the warehousing, manufacturing, construction or logistics industry, one of the time consuming and expensive activities is to manually verify your physical assets and documents. Knowing where all of your assets and inventory are is something that we all have to do to get a better hold of your business, but it is something that needs to be done accurately as possible since human errors can undermine your financial position.

To tackle these problems, Virtual Control provides an AI-powered software that automates the manual verification processes at critical checkpoints, helping you eliminate operational bottlenecks, thus saving time and money.

How does it work?

To use Virtual Control, you first document your physical assets in video format. The video will then be transferred to Virtual Control’s software for labelling. After that, the software will train the AI verification model to verify physical assets and documents, helping you streamline the verification process.



While your employees are prone to unintended errors and slips, computer models can be trained to achieve accuracy rate at over 99.99%.

Cost Reduction

By automating the verification process, you can reduce overhead costs of human inspectors and institute an unbiased checking process. This also means you can save your employees time to work on supporting other high value activities


Improve trust, quality and control by providing visual proof and credible verification.


Verification with blockchain provides immutable record, which assists in claims, market returns and security. Digitized verification also provides audit trail for operations to cover critical check-points.

Profit realisation

Through increased efficiency in process and automating manual process, there is a reduction in risk which ultimately transforms into profits for your business.

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