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Powered by Altai Technologies, WifiLab is designed from the ground up to deliver WiFi networks that have better coverage, reliability and experience, especially for automated factories and warehouses, container port, airports and power plants. In these areas where reliability is paramount and there are possibilities of interference or interruption, a reliable communication solution is imperative to support all of your smart solutions.

How does it work?

Conventionally for places that are without any good WiFi connection, we put up with work inefficiency, such as in shipping ports, airports and industrial parks where WiFi resources are unstable. Altai can provide access point ownership as a service and ensure that there is sufficient coverage for critical sensors and mobile applications.

WiFiLab offers a solution with high-performance base stations, full network and service integration with the mobile network services, and a centralised management system for network-wide visibility, control and optimisation. WifiLab offers a full turnkey solution including high-level design, site survey, testing, installation, and maintenance. The solution includes a portfolio of indoor and outdoor products to support smart metering, environmental monitoring, and warehouse operations.


Maximum and Uniform Coverage

WiFiLab’s base stations provide up to 10 times the coverage area from the cellular tower compared to any other WiFi access point and significantly removes the number of dead spots in coverage, ensuring your premises remain well-connected.

Optimised Signal Strength with Minimum Interference

With the growth of smart cities, there is a rise in different networks and signals at one location. WiFiLab ensures that it catches the optimum signal in any location and reduces interference from other networks.

Low Cost Solution

Industrial Solutions from WifiLab can use up to 80% fewer access points than standard WiFi systems because of much wider coverage; this enables simpler network design and reduces capital expenditure and operating expenses.

Highly Scalable and Simple to Install

Whether you manage an industrial park, operate a container port or run a small & medium enterprise, WiFiLab can provide a WiFi solution catered to your business needs that is fast and simple to install.

Flexible Access Management

With the cloud-based solution, AltaiCare, you control access management of mobile users and provide secure admission across your WiFi network. You can provide different login options for private WiFi services or set up hotspots for public WiFi services.

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