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EC Room Booking
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EC Room Booking

About EC Room Booking

There is no doubt about scarcity of office spaces in Hong Kong. As an example, on average, 30% of scheduled spaces, such as booked meeting rooms goes to waste because employees forget to cancel their booking. This inefficient use of space increases costs to companies and hampers employees’ productivity. With CLP SEC’s EC Room Booking, you can effortlessly manage reservations for office spaces such as meeting rooms and hotdesks on just one platform, saving time, effort and headaches for your employees.

How does it work?

With EC Room Booking, you can manage your meeting room booking anytime, anywhere. EC Room Booking comes with a display panel outside each meeting room, which can be used to reserve your room, check-in, and extend meetings on-site. Alternatively, you can use a web calendar, Outlook or mobile app to manage your meeting room booking remotely.

We also deploy a set of IoT devices so that you can get actual usage information and automate the rooms such as to save energy by automatically turning off appliances when no one is present.


Energy Management Control

Money and energy go to waste when office equipment is kept running when the room is not in use. By integrating data collected by your smart building devices to EC Room Booking, you can have the air conditioning, lighting and any other systems in the room (e.g., AV system, projectors) turned off when a meeting room is not occupied.

Easy and Customised Booking Experience

Enjoy real-time visibility on meeting room occupancy and book your room with just a few clicks. The mobile app allows you to find and book available rooms on the go, giving your team quick access to the room they need at the right moment. Your company branding can also be easily added with further customisations to your notifications and emails.

Hassle-free Check-ins

EC Room Booking allows you to check-in from your mobile app, web scheduler or display panel outside the meeting room. You can also scan the QR code outside the room, use NFC or Bluetooth for an instant and contactless check-in. Check-in feature ensures that the meeting room is occupied as scheduled, releases it whenever there is a no-show, and prevents double booking or any other miscommunications.

Notifications / Reminders

In-app notifications remind you of your booking details, prompt you when it is time to check-in, and keep you informed if there is any change of schedule.

Catering and Cleaning Services

Administrators can use the advanced functions to arrange usage-based catering and cleaning services in advance. In this way, caterers can provide services at the specified time whereas cleaners can plan cleaning services ahead, without interrupting meetings.

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EC Room Booking
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EC Room Booking

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EC Room Booking
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EC Room Booking