KNX Multitouch Pro and Push-button Pro
KNX Multitouch Pro and Push-button Pro
Developed by Schneider Electric

KNX Multitouch Pro and Push-button Pro

About KNX Multitouch Pro and Push-button Pro

Schneider Electric’s KNX Multitouch Pro and Push-button Pro are innovative user-friendly interfaces, which enable control of multiple room functions with KNX system* on a single control interface, such as lighting, air conditioning and blinds, bringing you the ultimate convenient operation, flexible control and energy-efficiency for room comfort functions.

*KNX is an open standard for commercial and residential building automation.

How does it work?

KNX Multitouch Pro features a contact-sensitive touch screen and can be installed on the wall of your office. Its system can be configured to your personal preferences with control of up to 32 functions, such as desired room temperature, different scene settings for simultaneous control of multiple rooms, and function control using hand gestures. After a quick setup, you can enjoy automated room control and manage other rooms on a single panel.

KNX Push-button Pro is designed as an extension to KNX Multitouch Pro, for installation in areas where local light, shutter and scene control functionality is required. KNX Push-button Pro comes with high-quality design, intuitive and customised function symbols.


Multi-function Room Control

From air conditioning to lighting and blind shutters, there are multiple ways to create an ideal indoor environment. KNX Multitouch Pro takes an integrated approach to room functions control, enabling you to enjoy up to 32 functions with just a single panel.

Automated Temperature Control to Maximise Energy Efficiency

Equipped with an internal thermostat, KNX Multitouch Pro constantly displays room temperature. With four operating modes, including Comfort, ECO, Night, Frost and Heat Protection, available for controlling room temperature, KNX Multitouch Pro helps you maintain the optimal room temperature for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Personalised Scene Modules

It only takes a few minutes to set up a scene on KNX Multitouch Pro. For example, for a “Work” scene, you may want lights on, shutters up and room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius. Once you have the scene set up, the perfect working environment is only one touch away. With KNX Multitouch Pro, you can store up to four scenes internally and customise their names and room function settings upon your own preferences.

Intuitive Operability

KNX Multitouch Pro’s display panel is designed to mimic a smartphone’s touch screen operating philosophy. Simply tap, swipe or scroll to easily control different room functions.

Touchless Gesture Function

When the gesture function is activated, KNX Multitouch Pro can call up the previously defined function by a simple hand gesture. You can quickly and effortlessly control your room’s settings without even touching the panel.

Flexible control panel

KNX Push-button Pro provides you with up to four control functions for light, blind and scene . The professional labelling of basic functions and replaceable symbols allows you to flexibly specify and alter the function symbols any time.

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KNX Multitouch Pro and Push-button Pro
Schneider Electric

KNX Multitouch Pro and Pus...

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KNX Multitouch Pro and Push-button Pro
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