Releasing Our EC Campus Solution

Releasing Our EC Campus Solution

Our EC Campus solution aims to support schools to build a smart and green campus, so that our teachers and young minds can stay green and healthy.

Through the user-friendly cloud-based interface, you can gain access to environmental characteristics in real-time with range of sensors. Combined with room occupancy information, the system can adjust room ambience accordingly and manage classrooms and facilities smarter by automatically adjusting air-con, lighting and providing insights on indoor air quality, allowing you to operate in an eco-efficient way.

What’s more, the intuitive dashboard, together with IoT devices installed in campus, provides a comprehensive energy consumption data of your infrastructure portfolio. With these technologies, energy intelligence, and access to your own data, the system can be transformed into an interactive STEM class.

With green initiatives sweeping across schools, we are committed to providing a learning environment for students that is comfortable and sustainable.

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