Green Campus Solutions: Energy Control Management System

Green Campus Solutions: Energy Control Management System

How CLP SEC’s energy solutions are modernising campuses

Campuses, whether big or small, can be extremely power-hungry. They are consistently used throughout the day and have labs, AC, lighting, and more often operating on a 24-hour basis for security reasons and for staff and students to enter and exit as they please.

This means that energy consumption levels can get extremely high. Simply reducing the energy usage might solve that issue but might hamper the effectiveness of the campus.

Moreover, with indoor air quality levels often being up to 5 times worse than outdoor levels, there is considerable room for improvement.

CLP SEC’s campus solutions have a proven record of driving efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy. Through this, campuses are given the opportunity to continue operating as normal but in a much more efficient, environmentally friendly and productive manner.

Boosting your campus energy saving efforts in Hong Kong

There are countless energy management solutions available for campuses in Hong Kong. Whether your campus resides in a single building or is made up of a portfolio of buildings, making your campus greener can start with one of our products like Carbon Audit. This will provide you with a report that includes potential mitigation methods for reducing the campus’ carbon footprint.

Our campus energy control systems can be anything from Smart Sensor Automation, a Cloud-based intuitive dashboard for energy monitoring and saving to Panoramic Power, which is an effective submetering solution for monitoring the energy usage of different rooms over a period of time. We even offer alternative energy management solutions like Solar Canvas to help display the effects of your campus energy saving solutions in terms that are easy to understand.

Other solutions like Element IAQ Monitor can help improve indoor air quality through smart sensors that detect pollutants. Its smart and seamless integration can generate fresher air that creates healthier and safer environments in which you can be more comfortable and productive.

Through a user-friendly cloud-based interface, you can gain access to environmental statistics from a wide range of sensors in real-time. Using this data, the system is capable of automatically adjusting air-conditioning systems, lighting, and providing data on air quality. This kind of smart living allows everyone on the campus to operate in an eco-efficient way and move forwards into a more sustainable lifestyle. Campuses using our solutions have reported up to a 3% improvement in test scores and up to 20% lower energy consumption.

Create a green campus with CLP SEC today

Data from campus solutions can be used to make impactful changes to the campus.

By implementing EC Campus Solution, we can drive and support the mission to educate and promote greener ways of life to today’s students together. An intuitive dashboard alongside IoT devices allows the collection and consolidation of energy consumption data. This system can be transformed into an interactive STEM class that helps promote education in HK and green campus solutions.

With each campus having different designs and use cases, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each campus will benefit from its own tailor-made energy saving solutions. Find out which of our technologies suit the needs of your campus the best with the help of our solutions finder. Together with campuses across Hong Kong, CLP SEC is working towards a greener tomorrow.

If you need more advice as to which solutions to trial, send us your enquiry and a member of our team will reply as soon as possible.

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