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About Omni

Powered by Awair and designed specifically for businesses, Omni tracks the quality of air in your indoor spaces such as your home or office, and lets you know immediately when your air quality is unsafe or unhealthy. Omni powers you with information about so you can take actions to improve your indoor air quality.

How does it work?

You might not realise that your indoor air might be laden with pollutants from excessive dust to chemicals. These are proven to affect allergies and to cause headaches and fatigue, making the environment unhealthy for your employees to work in. Bad air quality also leads to unnecessary energy consumption.

That is where Omni comes into place. By tracking air quality and providing customised advice with its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors, this business-friendly, elegant device leads to higher productivity in offices, and many more measurable benefits. Omni tracks invisible fine dust and chemical and gives you personalised recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy.


Use the Omni Dashboard and its Floor Plan to Monitor Spaces

You can monitor multiple Omni units in one simple, easy-to-use portal. You will have access to trends and advanced analytics. With one Dashboard, you can monitor multiple spaces on any floor.

Understand and Action Immediately with Colour Coding and Notifications

Omni’s colour coding lets you understand your air quality immediately. You can set goals and customise Omni’s notifications.

Analyse and Share Your Insights

You can analyse trends, compare air quality of different spaces, and identify problems to troubleshoot IAQ issues with automated reports. You can even export your data for records and certifications. If you are working in real-estate, you can control your privacy settings to allow tenants to see only their data.

Fully Control Power, Connectivity, Data Control and Integration Options

Omni lets you choose your power source, control your network security, and can be connected to your building system with various integration methods.

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