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About Panoramic Power

The more you know about your energy, the better you can manage it. Panoramic Power gives you complete visibility into your energy portfolio and energy intelligence you need to drive operational performance.

Submetering* is essential to monitor the energy consumption of each occupant in multi-tenant buildings. However, installing standard CT-based energy monitoring devices requires complex wiring, which could cause power outage during the installation process. Furthermore, wired power monitoring systems may be difficult to configure as your power network expands. To tackle these problems, Panoramic Power provides a comprehensive portfolio of easy-to-install and wireless sensors that measure the energy consumption of your tenants easily and accurately.

*Submetering is a system that allows property owners to accurately measure energy consumption by each tenant, to properly bill tenant, discover large expense and reduce carbon footprint.

How does it work?

Panoramic Power’s sensors are wireless and non-invasive, requiring no drilling or wiring of the circuits. Instead, you can simply have your technician attach Panoramic Power sensors to the hot wires. The sensors continuously measure the current of your circuit, and transmit this data to CLP SEC's Smart Sensor Automation. Smart Sensor Automation’s dashboard provides you with valuable data that you will need for effective energy management, such as daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption, energy usage breakdown by device and more.


  • Data is transmitted to the cloud-based analytics platform every 10 seconds

  • Receive alerts when anomalies arise upon faults

  • Avoid costly downtime and extend life of your equipment with predictive analytics to reduce risk of device malfunction

  • Fully integrated with Smart Sensor Automation to visualise your energy consumption

  • Measure current levels at 2% accuracy

  • Ideal to monitor the current, voltage, active/reactive power as well as power factor of your powerlines or electrical devices

  • Designed for circuits of different current ranges

  • Enable you to choose the one that suits your needs

  • Reduce the risk of power outage during installation due to self-powered

  • Require minimal maintenance after initial setup and configuration


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Panoramic Power

Panoramic Power

Panoramic Power

Panoramic Power