Solar Canvas
Solar Canvas
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Solar Canvas

About Solar Canvas

You’ve invested in a solar system which may be hidden on your roof top or away from your stakeholders, with Solar Canvas now you can market your green investments which is an effective real-time visualisation. Placing this in your high foot traffic areas, your patrons can see real-time green energy generated from your solar panels and enable you to showcase your progress towards sustainability.

How does it work?

Solar Canvas uses the data from your solar system through an API or a data gateway and works with our unique forecasting prediction models, so that you can estimate your Fit-in-Tariff earnings. It’s a great way to provide your stakeholders with visibility of your solar generation in public areas such as lift lobby and office reception area.


Easy to Understand

Not everyone understands what a kilowatt is and yet that’s how energy is communicated to everyone. Solar Canvas communicates your green energy generation in ways that everyone can understand through configurable options (e.g. number of flights, mobile phone re-charges, etc.)

Personalise your Visualisation

With your own branding, actual pictures of your solar systems and other images, this live communication tool can help have an impact on passers-by.

Forecast Future Performance

Generates performance forecasts for your clean energy systems to get a view of the coming days.

Sustainability Impact

Shows your sustainability impact by displaying reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.


Configure and track call to action QR codes directly from the visualisations to provide further engagement to visitors.

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