22nd Dec 2020

Announcing SEC STEM Courses

Announcing SEC STEM Courses

Announcing our partnership with Cobo Academy and Coding 101 to launch our latest STEM courses offering, where we leverage our EC Campus solution, cover micro:bit v2, Python and more. These are great courses, especially if you:

  1. Are interested in understanding climate change and its implication to your daily life
  2. Would like to explore how innovation and energy management can contribute to a more resilient and greener future
  3. Are Interested in exploring how a smart campus, with IoT devices, can save energy and automate operation for your school
  4. Want to solve problems with a data-oriented mindset
  5. Want to draw actionable insights from complex data

Contact us to learn how you can sustainably rewire your operation, and drive change towards a low carbon future.

Coding 101

Coding 101, founded by Jimmy Hui and Jeffrey Lee, is established by a group of technology and education professionals who aim at providing the best quality STEM and coding education to school children.

Cobo Academy

Founded by Harris Chan, the mission of Cobo Academy is to empower everyone to become future-ready through exposure to coding, robotics, AI and more.

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