Webinar #7: Easy Innovations to Tune-up Your BMS

Webinar #7: Easy Innovations to Tune-up Your BMS

2020-09-09 @ 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm



Building Management Systems (BMS) present both a challenge and opportunity for energy reduction in buildings. With all the renovation and retrofitting work needed, renewing an old building to save energy can be a daunting task. , but when approached the right way, the room for energy optimisation can be enormous.

In the webinar, ‘Easy Innovations to Tune-up Your BMS’, Mr. Paul Chan, Senior Smart Building Manager from the SEC team, will share with us some common obstacles he faced in bringing innovation into legacy building systems, tips on motivating engineers and operators to embrace change, recommend BMS solutions for maximising operational efficiency, and practices CLP property teams have taken to achieve consistent improvements.

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