5th May 2022

HR Magazine on Workplaces that Work

HR Magazine on Workplaces that Work

“Many organisations are hungry to go green and become more sustainable, but they don’t know exactly how to do this or where to go to get help with this journey,” Serena Pau, our Head of Products said, “This was part of our drive to develop EC Workspace”.

Recently, HR Magazine sat down with Serena, and Vincent Chow, our Head of Marketing. Take a glance at how they built a smart workplace solution that saves HR teams time, money and staffing, and increases engagement, retention and safety. Read on: https://hrmagazine.com.hk/hr-features-archives/workplaces-that-work-technology-that-powers-people-and-workplaces-of-the-future/

Learn more about EC Workspace solution: https://www.www.clpsec.com/ec-workspace/

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