24th Mar 2022

Tips and Tricks for Conducting an Energy Saving Project

Tips and Tricks for Conducting an Energy Saving Project

Successful energy saving projects are always underpinned by detailed energy audits and accurate reporting and analysing of energy consumption. Without accurate knowledge of a building’s energy usage, its shortfalls and areas for improvement are hard to find. But finding a way to audit, report and monitor a building’s energy consumption accurately is not an easy task, especially for building managers who rely on manual consolidation of energy consumption data at the end of each month.

The problem is further amplified when considering a portfolio of buildings rather than a single one. Through an intelligent, all-in-one energy management platform like Building Portfolio, facility management teams can monitor and benchmark energy consumption for different buildings and track energy savings in Measurement and Verification (M&V) projects following the IPMVP protocol and define your own baseline.

What is Building Portfolio?

Building Portfolio, powered by Dexma, is an intelligent, all-in-one smart energy management platform. It aims to provide facility managers a centralised platform to record, monitor, visualise, and analyse energy consumption across several buildings simultaneously. The platform can also help facility managers evaluate savings from a variety of energy sources such as electricity, gas, thermal energy, water, etc. for multiple buildings with real-time energy and sensor data. Renewable energy generated by renewable energy assets can also be connected into the platform.

By integrating a building’s existing meters and data sources into the platform, real-time data can be generated. With the data, you can analyse energy consumption across all facilities, make comparisons and predict future energy consumption using the platform’s AI algorithm based on historical data. This makes it indispensable for those who need to validate the effectiveness of their projects – both to secure any funding necessary and have a clear understanding of when to pay back the external energy service company (ESCO).

Key features

Building Portfolio is packed with features and offers a highly intuitive and analytical approach to energy conservation projects. Some features include:

  • 24/7 energy monitoring and management
  • Energy consumption forecast with AI
  • Baseline calculator for M&V projects
  • Benchmarking & auditing
  • Cost tracking
  • Multiple energy source baseline calculations
  • Automated and customised reporting

Refine your energy saving project with Measurement & Verification (M&V)

M&V is an essential part of energy-saving projects and is a plan that can be created by any party involved in the project at hand. Its purpose is to act as the vehicle that moves these projects forward, under the agreed framework of the IPMVP and together with data and analytics from Building Portfolio. M&V helps assess how much energy is saved and ensure that these changes will be long-term, therefore guaranteeing the value of the project.

In the process of M&V, Building Portfolio is used for calculating baseline and generating insightful reports. Beyond this, M&V can then be used to identify and fix any energy saving issues, measure energy efficiency, act as a reliable and trustworthy plan for third-party investors and partners, and much more. As a way of quantifying and auditing energy saving projects that can be mutually agreed upon, M&V makes the process of retrofitting new energy-saving technologies a much more realistic, smoother, and predictable process.

Case study for Building Portfolio

A member of a renowned property developer in Hong Kong which provides one-stop shop property and facility management solution has recently deployed Building Portfolio to monitor its properties’ energy performance, perform energy analytics, and detect potential savings hidden in their buildings. Click here to get a copy of this case study or register for a Building Portfolio trial.

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