21st Dec 2020

Understanding the Benefits of Energy-saving and Functions of Energy Management System

Understanding the Benefits of Energy-saving and Functions of Energy Management System

Understanding the benefits of energy-saving and functions of energy management system
Global environmental awareness is rising. More and more companies have started to set up energy management system as a cost-saving method and become more environmentally friendly. By implementing a sustainable energy management system, you will improve efficiency, save energy, lower operational costs, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

What is an energy management system?

Energy management systems use electronic technology to digitise and organise enterprises’ energy consumption through scientific methodologies. Through collecting, tracking, recording, and analysing various energy data, the energy utilisation rate can be centrally monitored and effectively managed. The energy management system’s ultimate goal is to achieve intelligent planning for enterprises’ energy usage efficiency, reduce overall energy consumption, and improve financial results.

Functions of energy management system

Generally, an energy management system is equipped with multiple functions, that store energy- saving related information in the building. By using a sustainable energy management system, companies can detect excessive energy consumption, look through real-time data, and make benchmark comparisons, analyse various equipment categories of energy-consumption to reset equipment or replace equipment with higher energy efficiency.

In the past, companies or organisations had to evaluate their electricity consumption and energy-saving methods. Using an energy management system, companies can automatically collect relevant data, fully grasp relevant information, and effectively formulate appropriate energy-saving strategies based on the analysed data.

Smart Energy Connect (SEC), the online energy management system platform

CLP’s Smart Energy Connect (SEC) has been put into service in early 2019 and is one of CLP’s new services to customers. SEC, which offers energy management solutions, data platforms, and business channels, helps customers select energy management solutions and provides one-stop digital energy innovation services.

Smart Energy Connect is Asia’s first online energy management platform, providing a series of innovative and practical solutions to help companies and institutions in the region manage energy consumption in a more environmentally friendly and smart way. The SEC uses IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, and other digital technologies to establish a sustainable energy system development plan to manage energy more effectively.

By focusing on its customers’ needs to provide more suitable energy management measures, SEC also includes energy management platforms exclusively for campuses, buildings, and offices. For example, the EC office solution is energy-saving and employee-oriented, implementing smart management to monitor and predict ventilation and air-conditioning systems as well as air quality, improving the health and productivity of employees while optimising office resources and reducing operating costs.

Discover how energy management systems can smartly improve energy performance

Whether you want to save energy costs or respond to the need for environmental protection and enhance your brand image, SEC’s energy management platform can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

It is our social responsibility to reduce our footprint on the environment for future generations. Innovative energy management solutions make energy-saving easier, more manageable, and more intelligent.

Let us work together to shape a sustainable future. Explore our full range of smart office energy solutions today, and if you need help with selecting what is best for your case, leave us your enquiry.

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