25th May 2021

HVAC Solutions for a Greener Future

HVAC Solutions for a Greener Future

HVAC systems are some of the most energy-intensive parts of a building. Consuming up to 24% of the entire energy consumption in the commercial sector, HVAC systems are responsible for keeping the interior of a building at a comfortable temperature. From the small air conditioning units you may have in your own home to the large scale and industrial systems used in some of Hong Kong’s largest buildings, HVAC systems use the same core principles and mechanics. However, this does not mean there is no room for improvement when it comes to energy efficiency, sustainability, and green solutions.

Recent years have seen a shift towards more sustainable and energy-efficient HVAC systems. SEC is a platform that hosts a range of green energy management solutions to meet the needs of today’s most complex and energy intensive buildings. Through them, SEC is driving change in a way that does not hinder the performance of building’s HVAC systems and the comfort of their residents.

What types of HVAC systems are there?

HVAC systems come in all shapes and sizes. In cooler climates, HVAC systems are often used to heat up a building and keep it comfortable while temperatures drop. In Hong Kong, however, HVAC systems are nearly always the type that helps keep the building cool – especially in the summer months. Other types of HVAC systems can control the humidity as well, making them a great solution for places with either moist or dry air.

How can we optimise our HVAC systems?

There are several solutions that can help with optimising the HVAC systems of buildings:

  1. The building can consider using an alternate and more sustainable source of energy. Doing this greatly reduces the carbon footprint of HVAC systems, considering they often make up a large proportion of the building’s total energy usage.
  2. Continual maintenance and cleaning of the HVAC system equipment can be an invaluable solution to ensure they keep running at the desired level.
  3. Smart technology can be implemented to passively reduce the amount of energy they use without sacrificing the comfort of those within the building.

PlantPRO Leading HVAC solution

PlantPRO is one such smart HVAC solution that uses innovative technology to reduce the amount of energy consumed in the chiller plant. The ultimate goal of PlantPRO is to reduce the energy consumption of a building’s HVAC system without compromising its performance in any way.

By optimising the operation and maintenance of your chiller plant, PlantPRO can ensure up to a 40% reduction in energy usage. It is a non-invasive solution, meaning that it can be connected to pre-existing equipment without any major disruption. At this point, PlantPRO will collect data from your chiller plant and assess whether the equipment is performing at an efficient level based on benchmark data. As an HVAC solution, PlantPRO will then make real-time adjustments to your chiller plant and ensure that only the minimum amount of energy is being used.

This type of HVAC solution is a continual and ongoing process, meaning that buildings using PlantPRO can rest assured that their chiller is running at optimal levels. Additional features of PlantPRO include a highly intuitive dashboard that provides an insight into the performance of your HVAC system, a highly configurable platform that utilises machine learning to assimilate itself into each building’s unique situation, and more.

Integrating the HVAC solution at Olympian City 3

Olympian City 3 opened its doors in 2011 and has been a premier shopping destination for Hong Kong’s residents since. The entire Olympian City complex spans over 800,000 square feet of real estate and hosts over 280 shops. Such a vast shopping mall requires a highly engineered and industrial scale HVAC system with components that work in harmony across the entire building.

CLP SEC worked together with Olympian City 3 in 2020 to install the PlantPRO solution into their HVAC system. The overarching goal was to improve the energy efficiency of the space without compromising its performance in any way. This way, Olympian City 3 can ensure a comfortable and relaxing shopping environment for all their customers while also contributing to the wider goal of making Hong Kong a greener city.

By installing the PlantPRO solution into the chiller plant, 24/7 control is granted to optimise temperature settings and provide valuable predictions, analysis, and insights through real-time control of the HVAC system.

Learn more about PlantPRO at Olympian City 3 here.

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