4th Mar 2021

SEC’s Revolutionary Smart House and Office Systems

SEC’s Revolutionary Smart House and Office Systems

SEC’s Revolutionary Smart House and Office Systems

The combination of lighting, air conditioning, and other utilities means that homes and offices across the world consume an immense amount of energy and power. While being energy-conscious can reduce the amount of energy you are using, there is only so much you can do. Modern solutions such as smart house and office systems are needed to help increase comfort and efficiency, all while lowering your overall costs.

Thanks to continued innovations promoted by SEC, Hong Kong’s homes and offices are more energy-efficient than ever. At a time when everybody needs to streamline their carbon footprint, SEC’s integrated home and office solutions cut energy use while optimising comfort and control. SEC is proud to offer a variety of devices that make smart house and office systems a reality, for example, the Omni air sensor, KNX Multitouch Pro, and Panoramic Power submeter. These are part of our smart office and smart house systems.


Air quality is worsening in most parts of the world, so now more than ever, clean air in your home and office is crucial. We offer the revolutionary Omni, a smart IAQ monitoring system, to help fix this very problem.

Many indoor spaces are potentially laden with pollutants such as dust, chemicals, and other sediments that are harmful to breathe in. Such contaminants are scientifically proven to negatively affect health, as they can contribute to headaches, fatigue and can slowly weaken your immune system. Pollutants such as these also lead to inefficiencies in your energy consumption, which lead to higher energy expenses.

Omni tracks the air quality in your indoor spaces. This technology provides powerful insights into the quality of air you are breathing, as well as the ability to take actions to improve that air quality.

Our smart home system works on an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to monitor and control multiple spaces on any floor. The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors can seamlessly track air quality in your home or office, allowing you to live a healthier, more productive life.

And best of all, Omni is designed for ultimate ease of use. The system does all the tracking, and the easy-to-understand colour-coded notifications enable you to understand your air quality score within seconds.

Learn more about the revolutionary benefits of Omni as technology for smart house and office systems.

KNX Multitouch Pro

Designed with ultimate functionality in mind, KNX Multitouch Pro is a smart house system that uses innovative technology to transform your home or office into an oasis of comfort, all while increasing your energy-efficiency.

Boasting an interface that is both innovative and user-friendly, the Multitouch Pro and Push-button Pro enable you to control multiple room functions with the simple push of a button. This system is designed in the style of a modern smartphone, so you can simply tap, swipe, or scroll to enjoy seamless control over your lighting, air conditioning, blinds, shutters, and more. The KNX Multitouch Pro takes a fully integrated approach that gives you robust multi-functional room control. Simply set your home or office to one of our four operating modes (Comfort, ECO, Night, Frost and Heat protection), so you can enjoy optimal room temperatures and unparalleled comfort.

You will also be able to create personalised scene modules – these are bespoke settings that create the ultimate sense of comfort based on your preferences. Each personalised module allows you to pre-set multiple functions (such as lights, temperature, blinds, and shutters), so by the simple touch of a button; your environment will transform to your preference.

Learn more about KNX Multitouch Pro for smart house and office systems.

Panoramic Power

If you own or manage a multi-tenant building, you know that energy consumption is difficult to track, which can make you feel powerless. Here at SEC, we know that knowledge is power, and it’s the exact reason why we present you with Panoramic Power.

Designed for multi-tenant buildings, this innovative smart house system helps you know more about your energy consumption, so you can better manage it. The Panoramic Power accomplishes this through ‘submetering’, which is a system that allows multi-tenant property owners to measure their energy consumption in a way that is precise and is split by individual tenants. Submetering gives you complete transparency of your building’s energy consumption. This means you can accurately measure consumption by the tenant, which will allow you to distribute your energy bills in a fair and efficient way. This system also allows you to easily identify large and unnecessary expenses, so you can increase your efficiency and lower your building’s carbon footprint.

Implementing the Panoramic Power smart house system is simple and straightforward. The sensors are wireless, non-invasive and do not require any drilling or re-wiring. Simply have your technician attach the Panoramic Power sensors to the hot wires, and you are good to go.

From there, the sensors will monitor and measure data from each tenant, which is then sent to a central reporting system. Here, you will be able to manage energy consumption on a much more granular level, meaning you can increase efficiency across your building.

Learn more about the benefits of Panoramic Power for smart house technology and building systems

Final thoughts on SEC’s smart office and smart home systems

Lowering energy consumption and going green is becoming an increasingly important goal for households, offices and, and buildings around the world. Smart house and office systems are offering a way to achieve this without becoming a hindrance to our daily lives and business operations.

If you have any questions about the revolutionary smart house and office systems we have supported into our platform, give us a call today.

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