29th Mar 2021

Reducing Your Office Carbon Emissions

Reducing Your Office Carbon Emissions

Tips for Saving Energy and Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Your Office
The science is clear, the world is getting warming every day. The only debates are how far and how fast the climate will change, and what society should do to mitigate the impacts. There are many ways we can work together to promote environmental protection, advocate energy conservation, reduce our carbon footprint, and create greener offices. It’s easy to underestimate the effects of saving energy in the office – but aside from ensuring effective energy use, they can help improve the working environment for all employees.

CLP Smart Energy Connect has been at the forefront of energy conservation efforts. Read more for tips on how to utilise technology to manage, reduce, and conserve energy as well as reduce the carbon footprint of your office.

EC Room Booking

Turning off the air-conditioning, lighting, and other appliances when leaving meeting rooms is an easy way to reduce office carbon emissions. The only problem being that you must do this manually each time, and it is easy to forget. However, office appliances can, in fact, be automated on one single platform that controls and maintains the usage of rooms using occupancy detection technology. CLP SEC’s EC Room Booking is one such solution that helps drive the transition to smart green offices. Through the platform, you will be able to easily manage meeting room reservations. For example, when the meeting room has no bookings, the system will automatically release the room and thereby triggering the air-conditioning, lighting, projectors, and other systems to shut down to avoid energy wastage.


You might not realise it, but the air that you breathe is potentially laden with pollutants, making the environment unhealthy for occupants. Bad air quality also leads to unnecessary energy consumption. Some solutions like Omni are specifically designed to monitor indoor air quality, thus helping with energy conservation and productivity enhancement. Omni is made to help companies and organisations in office spaces monitor their air quality in real-time. Indoor air pollution is a serious issue, with untreated chemicals and dust, often causing a range of symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and more. Omni addresses the issues head-on, and its sensors help you spot air quality issues before they cause long-term problems, be it health or energy-related.

Energy Connect Workspace

If you want to make your office truly green and environmentally friendly, moving towards intelligent automation is the way. In addition to the aforementioned energy efficiency solutions, CLP SEC provides a range of Smart Office intelligent energy management solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Effective energy saving and carbon reduction solutions help conserve the environment and improve health and productivity of employees.

The EC Workspace Solution works with cloud technology to instantly view the energy consumption of different locations within the office through a consolidated dashboard. Companies can take onboard various office environmental protection measures and solutions to work towards building a greener office and reducing office carbon emissions.

Act Now and Make Your Office Green with CLP SEC

Employees spend countless hours in the office each day. Air-conditioning systems, computers, and all the other electrical devices and appliances in the office all add to the excessive energy consumption levels we often see today. With the advent of artificial intelligence caused by the flood of data collected from various devices and systems, building a smart office can reap great benefits for office owners in the long run. Turning your office green is not just about becoming environmentally friendly – it also helps improve the work environment and reduce costs in the long run. Get in touch with CLP SEC today to learn more about how to reduce the carbon footprint of your office.

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