27th Aug 2020

Smart Office Solutions: Secret of Workspace Energy Management

Smart Office Solutions: Secret of Workspace Energy Management

Smart office solutions that change the way we work

We spend a huge portion of our lives indoors. Especially now under the present pandemic, we have been trying our best to avoid unnecessary human interactions and socialising. Because of this, we have been forced to rethink the way we live and work.

With lighting that gets left on throughout the day, countless electronics that cannot be turned off alongside huge HVAC systems, your workplace is likely one of the most energy-hungry places you visit on a regular basis. Cities like Hong Kong are abundant with office buildings and certainly have plenty of room for improvement in terms of reducing their carbon footprint and implementing smart energy-saving solutions.

Building a green and smart office is one way we can help improve working conditions and become more environmentally friendly as a responsible citizen.

Finding the right workspace solutions in Hong Kong

At CLP SEC, we offer a wide variety of smart office solutions that can make your workspace a greener and more comfortable place in Hong Kong.

Creating a smart office means improving your energy management, but every office in Hong Kong has a different use case. By customising and adapting your office sustainability plan to maximise your efficiency, you can reach your goals in a much shorter time frame. From automatic light switches to motion sensors in meeting rooms, green offices can become more efficient for occupant comfort with these energy-saving technological upgrades–while also saving money by reducing their carbon footprint over time.

You can find real-world benefits in even a short period of time when increasing your office’s efficiency and energy-saving capabilities. Our range of smart office solutions is perfectly suited for workspaces that take up a single floor, multiple floors, or even entire buildings in Hong Kong. Services like Smart Sensor Automation, a way to monitor real-time energy data, and EC Room Booking, a tool to intelligently manage office space and resources, minimise energy demand and are perfect for businesses in Hong Kong looking for solutions to minimise their workspace’s energy consumption.

Employing solutions like these that help you meet your energy goals is also beneficial as they improve your brand image. Green office solutions not only have the potential of boosting employee productivity through increased air quality but also improve company reputation through adopting smart environmental practices, which is something that today’s consumers care strongly about.

But smart office solutions do not only improve the energy efficiency of your workplace. They can also have a profound impact on workplace productivity by introducing technologies that directly impact the efficiency of operations and employee comfort. One energy-saving solution is using Smart Sensor Automation – an easy, cost-effective way to boost your office’s green efforts.

Smart Sensor Automation is designed with motion detection sensors as well as temperature monitoring functionality so that they only switch on or off when needed. By analysing data of motion inside the room and the external environment, the sensors are able to measure energy-saving performance and adjust lighting and air-conditioning to create an optimal collaboration environment for the occupants and ensure office sustainability.

Another smart office solution such as Omni helps track the quality of the air inside your office to rid the air of pollutants. Apart from boosting employee well-being, sustainability solutions like EC Room Booking can also help businesses optimise their office space utilisation in meeting rooms and other facilities – helping to increase efficiency and save time and effort from wasted bookings.

All of this can result in up to a 50% improvement in productivity.

Work towards a green office with CLP SEC today

Turning your workspace into a green office has countless short and long-term benefits. Implementing some of these energy-saving solutions can provide you with the unique ability to track energy consumptions, spot trends, generate forecasts, optimise temperatures and lighting, monitor air quality and much more. By installing CLP SEC’s green and energy-saving office solutions, businesses will be able to preserve their resources while also boosting employee satisfaction at work.

The pandemic has revealed many inefficiencies in our work processes, but now is the perfect time to adapt and modernise. Create a green office with us and emerge a better business before the crisis dissipates.

Browse our full range of smart office energy solutions today and, if you need help with selecting what is best for your case, leave us your enquiry.

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